Account books of Moses Dole Spofford, 1774-circa 1909 (inclusive), 1805-1819 (bulk)

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Spofford, Moses Dole , 1773-1832
Account books.Clippings.Ephemera.Medical records.
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Account books of Moses Dole Spofford, 1774-circa 1909 (inclusive), 1805-1819 (bulk)
3 volumes: 1 volume at 12 x 5.5 inches; 2 volumes at 13 x 8 inches.
Francis A. Countway Library of Medicine

Content Notes

Consists of three volumes primarily recording medical accounts of Dr. Moses Dole Spofford (1773-1832), a physician practicing in New Rowley (now Georgetown), Massachusetts. There are also some medical accounts of his father, Dr. Amos Spofford (1751-1805), notes on the weather by his brother, Daniel Spofford (1775-1842), and ephemeraand household account books of Spofford relatives. Volume one contains: loose account books pertaining to household expenses of a Spofford family from 1830 to 1851; handwriting practice notes by Marietta Spofford, of Georgetown; a contemporary (circa 1901 to 1909) newspaper photograph clipping of Theodore Roosevelt; an anatomical engraving of the nerves of the lower jaw; a copy of the order of exercises for a celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the Declaration of Independence in 1826; medical accounts of Amos Spofford dated from 1774 to 1802; and Daniel Spofford’s weather observations. Volume two contains: medical accounts of Dr. Moses D. Spofford, dating from 1805 to 1809. Laid into the volume are several twentieth century newspaper clippings and leaves. Volume three contains: medical accounts of Dr. Moses D. Spofford, dating from 1810 to 1819, primarily for patients in New Rowley, Bradford, Newbury, and Boxford, Massachusetts. Spofford lists the dates, medicines administered, and amount charged for each patient. He also recorded fatal outcomes in the margins of the entries. He visited the child of Perley Dorman of Boxford nineteen times over the course of two months in 1810, administering medicines including Cort. Peru. (Peruvian bark), calomel, and cantharides, before the child died of unknown illness. In other cases, Spofford notes the cause of death, such as Joshua Hardy, of Newbury, who died on 3 June 1814 after several visits by Spofford in late May and a course of treatment that included Peruvian bark and anodynes.

Biographical Notes

Moses Dole Spofford (1773-1832) was a physician in New Rowley (now Georgetown), Massachusetts, from 1792 until his death of palsy in 1832. He probably studied medicine with his father, Dr. Amos Spofford (1751-1805). In 1798, Spofford was elected as a fellow to the Massachusetts Medical Society. Another brother, Richard Spofford (1787-1872), M.D., Harvard College, Cambridge, Massachusetts, was also a physician.