Day Books of Joseph Osgood and son George, 1770-1796 (inclusive)

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Osgood, Joseph , 1719-1797
Account books.Medical records.
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Day Books of Joseph Osgood and son George, 1770-1796 (inclusive)
3 volumes: 1 volume at 15.5. x 7 inches; 1 volume at 16 x 7 inches; 1 volume at 17 x 7 inches.
Francis A. Countway Library of Medicine

Content Notes

Three ledgers containing medical accounts of Dr. Joseph Osgood (1719-1797) and his son, Dr. George Osgood (1758-1823), of Andover, Massachusetts. Commonly prescribed medicines included camphor and calomel. The account entries primarily bill to individual patients, but a number of entries include charges to the the towns of Charlestown and Andover, in addition to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, for care of indigent citizens. The Osgoods accepted cash and payment-in-kind, which was noted in each entry. Volume one contains entries from 1770 to 1771; volume two contains entries from 1788 to 1796; and volume three contains entries from 1794-1795.

Biographical Notes

Joseph Osgood (1719-1797), A.B., Harvard College, Cambridge, Massachusetts, and his son, George Osgood (1758-1823), were physicians in Andover, Massachusetts. After George Osgood completed his medical training, father and son formed a partnership, serving Andover and surrounding towns. Both men were military surgeons in the American Revolutionary War.